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Orange County Pedestrian & Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Injured While Crossing a Street or Bicycling?

Most pedestrian and bicycle accidents are caused by inattentive drivers, but the defense will try to pin the blame on the victim. The Law Offices of James J. Cupero, PLLC, in Goshen, New York, will work hard to prove the negligence is with the driver and win compensation for our clients.

Attorney Jim Cupero brings 30 years of trial experience and knowledge to your case. He personally supervises the handling of your pedestrian or bicycle accident claim and will work hard on your behalf to recover full and fair compensation. Schedule a free case evaluation today.

Pedestrian Accidents

The defendant and The insurance company will argue that the victim was not in the crosswalk, crossed against the light, jaywalked or darted out. We work to prove that the driver was distracted, speeding, turned illegally, ran through a stop sign or otherwise failed to yield the right of way and proceeded without caution. We send investigators to the scene of the accident and may use experts to reconstruct the accident. We also work quickly to get statements from witnesses who can testify that the driver was at fault.

Bike Accidents

Many motorists do not recognize the rights of bicyclists to share the road, and they often fail to account for bicycle riders. We have recovered significant settlements and jury awards in bike accidents by proving that the driver:

  • Changed lanes without looking
  • Encroached on a designated bike lane
  • Turned into the path of a rider
  • Opened a car door without looking
  • Drove too fast or inattentively in a residential zone

The Full Compensation You Need and Deserve

Victims of crosswalk accidents and bike accidents often suffer horrible injuries: brain injury, broken bones or lost limbs, disabling neck and back injuries, spinal cord injuries, or facial injuries and scarring. We realize that these clients need every penny of compensation for their ongoing medical care, reduced earning power and lost enjoyment of life.

Jim Cupero fights any attempt by the defense to reduce damages for serious injuries by arguing comparative fault (the child "darted out," the cyclist wasn't wearing a helmet). He also has extensive experience and success handling wrongful death claims for families of fatal accidents victims.

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We represent victims of bike accidents and pedestrian accidents in Orange, Sullivan, Ulster and Rockland counties of New York. If you or someone you love suffered a serious personal injury, call us immediately at 888-745-2948 for a free initial consultation. We do not collect attorney fees unless we win compensation.

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